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On 9 August 2015, the CODEMAP team, together with a group of 30 scientists and engineers, will finally set sail for...


With the ever-increasing pressure on our Deep Oceans, there is a rising and urgent need for the quantification of deep-sea biodiversity. Complex Deep-sea Environments: Mapping habitat heterogeneity As Proxy for biodiversity (CODEMAP) searches for alternative methods to quantify deep-sea biodiversity. The aim is to develop a robust, integrated and fully 3D methodology to map complex deep-sea habitats, using a combination of acoustic and visual techniques

CODEMAP is a Starting Grant project supported by the European Research Council (ERC).

Project approach

CODEMAP focuses on submarine canyons, but the techniques will be transferable to other deep-sea environments.

Habitat heterogeneity

Quantification of habitat heterogeneity and evaluation of its potential as proxy for biodiversity.

The Team

The CODEMAP team bring together expertise in marine geoscience, geology, biology and engineering.

Bottom-up analysis

Finding quantitative relationships that can bring information from a more detailed to a broader scale.

Top-down analysis

Robust mapping of habitats and marine landscapes on the regional to medium scale.

Habitat heterogeneity in 3D

Mapping of deep-sea cliffs and overhangs using underwater vehicles (AUV/ROV) in ‘sideways’ or ‘front-looking’ mode.

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