Meet the Team


Veerle Huvenne

Veerle Huvenne

  • Marine geoscientist specialised in habitat mapping
  • As CODEMAP project leader, Veerle coordinates the project
  • Veerle will also coordinate work packages WP1 and WP3


Dan Jones

Daniel Jones

  • Benthic biologist, specialised in benthic ecology; Dan is leader of the SERPENT project
  • Within CODEMAP, Dan coordinates work package WP2, comparing the new methods with traditional biodiversity measures


Tim Le Bas

Tim Le Bas

  • Marine geologist and geophysicist, specialised in acoustic seabed mapping
  • Tim will develop the methodology for AUV backscatter and sidescan sonar processing
  • In addition, Tim keeps an eye on the data management and GIS of the project


Steve McPhail

Steve McPhail

  • Underwater systems engineer, head of Autosub6000 team
  • Steve is responsible for the further development of the Autosub6000 AUV (work package WP4), to allow the sideways mapping and to provide high-resolution optical datasets


Kathleen Roberts

Katleen Robert

  • Katleen is a benthic biologist who moved over from Canada to write her PhD here at NOC; she has plenty of experience in habitat mapping
  • In her PhD, she focussed on predictive habitat mapping in submarine canyons – she analysed imagery transects to map megabenthic invertebrate distributions and determined which environmental factors, mostly derived from acoustic survey techniques, are most useful in explaining the spatial structure observed
  • Katleen has now taken up a position as post-doctoral researcher within CODEMAP, applying her skills to the problem of habitat mapping in 3 dimensions (WP4)


Khaira Ismail

Khaira Ismail

  • Marine geologist, and the second PhD student in our team; Khaira’s PhD work focuses on examining habitat heterogeneity as proxy for biodiversity in deep-sea complex environments
  • Within CODEMAP, she develops top down techniques for objective deepsea marine landscape mapping, derivation of habitat heterogeneity indices and quantification of fuzzy boundaries


Claudio Lo Iacano

Claudio Lo Iacono (associate team member)

  • Claudio came to the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton as a Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow, and  was previously based at the CSIC in Barcelona. He now has a permanent position at NOC as Principal Scientist.
  • He has a vast range of experience in acoustic seafloor characterization, quantitative backscatter analysis and image segmentation for integrated seafloor classifications – his expertise strengthens our team


Veit Huehnerbach

Veit Hühnerbach (previous member)

  • Marine geologist with more than 20 years experience in acoustic seabed mapping and classification
  • Veit supported CODEMAP in its first 2.5 years as web manager and research scientist
  • He has now left the team for pastures new





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